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“Sublime is that which the soul cannot avoid” (1)
“It is not labor that gives us culture, but leisure and idleness.” Alexandre Koyré (2)

Les sublimes archive is a work in progress.
Les sublimes archive handles analogue notebooks.
the authors of notebooks retain the copyright to all images/content in this archive.
any requests will be forwarded to the respective authors.
Les sublimes archive is a project conceived by the Arthur Cravan Foundation and Cose Cosmiche.

1) Taken freely from Edmund Burke
2) Alexandre Koyré (Dal mondo del pressappoco all’universo della precisione, Einaudi, 2000) cited by Rossella Moratto in “La libertà dell’ozio”, Undo.net, 2015

Les Sublimes – C/O Arthur Cravan Foundation – February 2015